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Cutting Edge Therapy Laser


The state of the art, class IV, infrared, cold Laser Therapy Machine by Cutting Edge has open up a whole new avenue of pain relief.  This non-invasive, technology can improve circulatory problems, enhance lymphatic system drainage, diminish nerve pain, relieve painful arthritic joints, and treat acute inflammation and trauma, like sprains and other sports injuries.

Laser is the latest technology for patient care in the United States. By no means is it "experimental" therapy as Laser has proven itself successfully in Europe for over 30 years.  This specific laser that I have was FDA approved in 2002.  No other laser on the market can come close to being as effective as this one.

This machine is safe, has no side effects. The following are frequently asked questions including a list of the many conditions or ailments the laser can help with. 

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions.

How does it Work?

Light energy enters damaged or injured cells, stimulates the mitochondria to increase energy production in the form of ATP, thereby stimulating inter-cellular activity.  This enables the cell to recover more quickly.

What can I expect during the treatment?

Laser therapy is a painless treatment that usually lasts 10 minutes. You may experience a comfortable or warm sensation at the point of application.

What can I expect after the treatment?

70% of the patients experience positive results after 1-3 treatments. Swelling from an acute inflammatory condition is greatly reduced and there can be an immediate relief of pain.  Chronic conditions can be treated with regular treatments that reducs the overall pain and return the affected area to better function. Acute conditions, like sprains and hematomas can subside quickly, in a few treatments.



What are commonly treated conditions?

These are conditions that patients tend to seek treatment for. 

- tendon and ligament injuries                                - neurological pain
- chronic non-healing wounds                     
- soft tissue injuries                                                - general pain
- muscle strains and tears                                      - musculoskeletal disorders
- joint and muscle pain                                           - pre and post-surgical treatment
- arthritis and degenerative joint conditions            - anti-inflammation/edema

How much treatment do I need?

For most conditions that we help you with, a series of 6-7 treatments are recommended.  It has been my experience that approximately 10 visits are optimal. We schedule the sessions with about 1-2 days in between as the effects of the laser are cumulative and build up with each treatment. You feel better with each successive treatment.

Once the 6-7 visits are finished, you may choose to have treatments monthly or every two months depending on how good you feel or in some cases to help maintain your health.

What does treatment cost?

Laser treatments can cost $75 per treatment.  There are packages available that ultimately lower the cost of each treatment and compare with the cost of some copays.

Insurance does not cover the cost of laser visits, but your flexible spending or health savings accounts will.  The office staff will furnish you with a statement of services that will serve as your receipt.

Are there any safety reasons why I can't have laser therapy?

Pacemakers can be affected by the laser, some systemic disorders are contra-indicated, and the thyroid and retina are avoided and protected.  Protective eye wear is worn at all times.  For other concerns, talk to Dr. Herstik.

Can I come in just for the Laser Treatment and not Podiatric care?

Yes. No matter if you are currently a patient or not, Dr. Herstik obtained this technology to help people with painful conditions or situations. You are welcome to come for laser treatments only  If you, your family or friends are interested in the laser, just give us a call to schedule. You will be surprised at how much the laser can help you.

If I am not a patient and want just laser treatment, what is expected of me?

You can call to schedule an initial appointment where Dr. Herstik will perform an initial exam to find out about your specific health condition. He will find out how laser therapy can help you. Dr. Herstik will review your treatment options depending on the diagnosis and then and treatment plan will be outlined on how to best treat your condition.  If you wish, your first laser treatment will be performed that day.  Expect to spend 30 minutes on your first visit, then 15 minutes for visits after that.

Payment of your 6 laser session package will be expected at the completion of the first visit. Or if you choose, you can pay per session.  Even though health insurances do not pay for the laser treatments, your insurance may pay for your examination in my office. My staff will check your health benefits for you. Your health savings account of flexible spending can also be used to pay for your treatments.


Please be aware that this Laser treatment is currently only available at the Englewood, N.J. location.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office:

Barry Herstik, D.P.M.

370 Grand Avenue

Englewood, N.J. 07631




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